Acceptance Testing / Witness
Inspections / Commissioning
Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Programs
Retrofits & Repairs
Insulation Systems - Repair, Fabrication, Dryout
Bus-Bar fabrication
Installation, Meter, Relay, TVSS, Expansion, Upgrades
Power Quality Services, Harmonic Mitigation, Transients, Inrush
Load Monitoring & Thermal Imaging
Fault Location: VLF & Partial Discharge
Aerial Bucket Testing
ARC Flash Studies - Short Circuit, Coordination, Reliability
Apparatus Electrical Oil Sampling/Testing - Physical Properties / Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) /PCB
System Evaluation - Reliability, Inspection
Innovative solutions to your complex projects
Our specialists follow the national testing, operating and safety standards (NETA, IEEE, ANSI, and NFPA) of installed equipment to verify that the unit systems are fully operable and or operating at full capacity. If the systems are found to be inoperable, the technicians have the expertise to fully review the collected data and provide our clients with the necessary diagnostic solutions and maintenance schedules. Our mobile testing unit specialists provide emergency services, diagnose the problem, and facilitate outage restoration.

North Sky Engineering is a leader in technology, & is one of the few engineering firms to offer Mobile & Diagnostic & Testing.
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Switchgear - All Voltage Classes, Paralleling Substations / Switchgear
Motor Control Centers, Variable Frequency Drives, Reduced Voltage Starters
Back Up Systems - Battery, Stand-By, & Emergency Generator Systems Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Power Distribution Units (PDU) & Transformers Switches - Transfer, Pad, Loadbreak
Grounding Systems & Ground Fault Systems
Circuit Breakers - Air, Oil, Transfer
Barrier Board Repair & Maintenance
Instrumentation / Controls Cables - including VLF, Partial-Discharge & Hi-pot Testing
Protective Relays